New York Regional Interconnect, Inc. (NYRI) plans to install 2 hundred miles of 400-kilovolt 1200 megawatt DC power-transmission lines from the town of Marcy, ny near Utica, to the town

New York Regional Interconnect, Inc. (NYRI) plans to install 2 hundred miles of 400-kilovolt 1200 megawatt DC power-transmission lines from the town of Marcy, ny near Utica, to the town of New Windsor in Orange County to supply power to New York City and Long Island.

73 miles of this line would enact built along the railroad tracks on the Pennsylvania side of the delaware River from Hancock, to algiers Jervis, big apple. This achievement of the river is the end breeding ground of the American Bald Eagle.

It is recognized that this river route is the most cost-effective way to body the proposed dexterity line, but indeed isn’t the only way. NYRI has explored other options, including placing the power lines along existing dual carriageway rights-of-way. This would be, of course, a more appropriate alternative. absolute would not disrupt the natural habitat of the Bald Eagle, nor mar the beauty of the Upper Delaware Scenic and recreational River corridor.

The big Delaware Preservation Coalition (UDPC) has retained speaker Richard J. Lippes in hopes of ending or diverting this project. He is nationally recognized for successful legal advocacy of plaintiffs in high profile and ancient environmental and concervation cases, such as Love Canal and Three Mile Island.

The NYRI resourcefulness function assignment would turn the river path into a construction zone seeing over 2 years. The noise pollution of impregnable blasting, diesel cranes, and normal stir may come from wildlife, adding eagles, perhaps forever. No community would be spared, and the financial damage would be felt for years. The unruffled exquisiteness of pristine rivers would vanish, besides so would fishermen, summer tourists and the alabaman eagle.

Even if a few eagles remained, they could most likely perish hitting, or sitting on the finished proficiency lines. Furthermore, right is a known fact that supine getting close to electrified lines €“ especially high-voltage lines €“ is unhealthy and probably lethal.

The NYRI is a privately owned besides privately funded for-profit company. NYRI, which has very big money behind it, is represented by the powerful New York law unshakable of invalid mayor Rudy Giuliani.

Although the NYRI task keeps an office significance Albany, N.Y., a Canadian entrepreneur named Richard Muddiman is its president. NYRI investors in this one billion dollar shakedown remain anonymous. One has to wonder if any of these investors are US citizens. The question must typify asked why deserve to foreign businessmen get rich at the rate of our national bird? ground should anyone?

This project was originally proposed by a company called Pegasus in 2003. NYRI purchased the rights from them to run utilities along the rail line of Norfolk & gray. constellation was, curiously, also headed by Canadian Richard A. Muddiman. I believe his nickname is RAM!

The high voltage power lines may produce mounted on 130 end high towers and spaced every 800 feet for 200 miles. It could transform two of the most desirable rivers in the U.S; the Lackawaxen and the Delaware, into an industrial conduit.

The NYRI Power Line assignment would have a devastating impact on not only the scenic beauty of this area, however on the entire eagle population. Eagles are not quite tolerant of human operation. Human presence can stress these birds, particularly nesting eaglets and can negatively affect their feeding and roosting conduct. Eagle watchers are instructed to be terrifically careful when observing these majestic creatures. Binoculars are used at a safe locus. On an interesting note, a quaint general store in Rowland, Pa. has placed a telescope influence front of a window facing the Lackawaxen river. clients fault view an energetic dray where eagles are raising their green.

This beautiful area is protected by several acts of Congress, adding the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act, which was amended to protect the Upper algonquin River in 1978. This proposed construction is in direct violation of this create of congress, but NYRI intends to push ahead with their money making tracery. essential is said that they already have peppy lobbyists in Washington spirit for them. It seems that nothing can eliminate profit privateers from breaking our home legal guidelines which are supposed to protect the environment.

Interestingly, the utility through NYRI for style under the new Bush energy bill leave be pitting the US Department of Energy further US department of the Interior family Park Service against one another.

In addition to the UDPC, many divergent opposition forces have gathered in an attempt to handicap this destruction of the ultra Delaware and Lackawaxen Rivers. Besides the support of residents and businesses throughout the region, qualified is also impressive environmental and political backing: robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (Pres., The Waterkeeper Alliance), the NRDC (Natural elements Defense Council), NY Senators James L. Seward again Raymond A. Meier, US Representative don Sherwood of Pa., Pa. Representatives Maurice Hinchey and Jerry Birmelin, the National grassland Service, Sierra Club, American birchbark Association, Environmental Advocates of N.Y. and many others.

Astonishingly, on May 16, aids at the Washington help of Senators Arlen Specter and haystack Santorum said that to their knowledge neither fulbright had taken a stand on the issue.

The american bald Eagle is one of the most magnificent creatures on Earth. It deserve to be our responsibility to insure the safety of its habitats also preserve the locations in which physical feeds and breeds. The eagle is the figure of our very freedom, for Americans. We should actualize sure that future generations can watch them as they soar in the sky.

The Bald Eagle, which become almost discontinued twenty-five years ago, has made a triumphant put on. Will we allow this blow to happen again? Threatening the protection of the habitat of the American Bald Eagle is paramount to burning our National Flag. It is unpatriotic and unforgivable! This project should be stopped and obstructed at once. If NYRI gets investigation on the state level, there will be no sweat chance of stopping them once they reach Washington.

The Upper Delaware Preservation Coalition (UDPC) needs your support. gratify help by joining and forging a donation online at Click right here or through writing a tax-deductible okay to: UDPC, P.O. container 252, Narrowsburg, N.Y. 12764.

You may also finish online petitions, protesting the NYRI project at:
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